A day in the life of a girl packing to go away

A day in the life of a girl packing to go away

Sat May 28th 2022

8 Tips on How to Pack Efficiently

  1. Roll your clothes. ...
  2. Use packing cubes. ...
  3. Bring travel-size toiletries. ...
  4. Put things inside your shoes. ...
  5. Wear your pair of shoes that takes up the most space. ...
  6. Wear your heaviest piece of outerwear on plane/bus/etc. ...
  7. Pack plenty of neutral colors. ...
  8. Zip your suitcase up, then add more to it.

Hmm. 3 out of 8 !!


the day started in London. I had to pack 10 weeks worth of travel into a

23kg bag. Not easy for me. Still I did it (24kg actually). Then I got

into this travelling light on your

own adventure.

I took a taxi from Home to the underground station that has a lift to the platform. Slightly busy as Arsenal were playing and my station was the exit for that !! So onto the Piccadilly line for 26 stops to Heathrow . Not bad for GBP3.50 I think it was. Uber was 65+. (Yes I did have to stand and stop the wheelie bags throwing themselves down the aisle, as the train lurched and screeched it's way on the tracks - have they not heard of CRC?!). Tick for Nicola.

Check in, customs, security half an hour. Love Terminal 2. Also love a NZ passport. Only 7 countries can go through the Epass lanes. That is a great bonus in Europe. Always look for the EPass area.

ITA - the new Alitalia got me to Rome safe and sound. Then the Leonardo express to Rome Termini - so easy. It’s in the terminal And EUR15. Quiet, calm and easy. (Everything the underground isn't). I arrive at Roma Termini. Now my travels take a turn... Well wrong turn. I had booked a hotel right at the termini for one night as it was 8.30pm. And my apartment wasn’t ready till Monday. Also the language school was 10 mins away. So back to the wrong turn. I marched out of the Termini with speed and well just speed. Then put in google

Maps. But it says go straight ahead and yet it’s a massive bus terminal that I am walking through. Of course the cobbled streets aren’t making it easy. And it’s getting darker. I’m getting a little (read a lot) tense. So I march back to the terminal and get a taxi. He charges me EUR15. He drives round and Round and we finally discovered the hotel literally 4 mins from the terminal. But the exit was in the side of the terminal. And the McDonalds sign I was following was the Metro sign.

So finally at the hotel. It was perfectly fine and cheap. I paid a few euros more for a higher floor as I knew it would be noisy where I was. I got the 2nd floor!!

So to bed.

Next morning up early with butterflies in my stomach, heart and head. Going to school at 60. Trying to speak a new language when,let’s face it, I’m

not perfect at the only one I know.

Good news is. Straight line through the station to my school. Honestly I just need to slow down and get old fashioned maps that show you the big picture when it comes to navigation.

So school girl arrives in time.

I know this lost story is sounding a little similar to another post. Maybe I should call my blogs; Lost in Europe.

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