Double heaven.

Double heaven.

Tue July 12th 2022

The hill town of Monte San Savino AND Eating at Il Cassero

This town is 15 minutes away from where I am staying at Hotel Fontelunga

Just a small hill town. Perfectly formed. A walled city of achievable proportions – i.e. stroll around it in 30 minutes

It’s been having scraps with the Florentines, the Perugians and the Sienese since 1306 !! (I am sorry to all Italian history buffs - I am not sure of they are all called that – but the story must go on)

Delve into the side streets , pass through the centre of the church to a beautiful garden and vista of the surrounding area.

People chatting, aperol spritz a drinking, Church bells ringing (sorry Coldplay is that your line?)

From there I stroll to a restaurant nestling into the outside of the city wall.

I don’t want to sound harsh but there isn’t any flash décor. The tables are plain and simple and all you need.

My waitress (who happens to own the restaurant !) talks to me in English, which is so kind. She wants me to try things – so I get half portions – thank goodness!!!

A pasta with fresh truffle – sigh. Then pork with cherries. Simple and perfect or is that simply perfect. Again, presented as it is – food on a plate that is real, local, fresh and delicious. No microgreens or foam were used in the making of this food.

The wines – well again I chat to the wine man (who happens to own the restaurant ! – yes they are married). And I get a rosé that is lovely. And then I get a chardonnay – heaven (so good I drive to the wine maker later that week to buy a bottle – but the restaurant has bought them all !!) Got to love the local knowledge !

So here I am – chatting to myself – maybe even a groan of yum could be heard.

The joy of Tuscany, travelling, sunshine, history, passion for what you create.

Thank you Il Cassero for making me feel that.

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