Packing to go away

Packing to go away

Tue March 8th 2022

Who loves this job? You would think after all these years of travel I would be good at it.

Hmmm – shoes, cosmetics, earrings. They all catch me out.

So now I am packing for an even bigger trip – Europe 2022!

My first pack – was my house! I am renting out my house and so my treasures are going on their own holiday;

The bikes, the boots, the boxes, and boxes. All in one big box.

It has been a trip down memory lane as I pack the marble elephant from India, or the rug from Istanbul. The amazing photo I took of a Malabar Kingfisher sitting on a reed in Botswana …

But it also makes me realise that these ‘things’ will be there when I get back, but the contemplation they invoke, I will carry with me and add more special memories as I travel along.

Then there is what to pack for me. Going to Europe in March means chilly, autumnal weather. But then April, May … warmer and warmer. Layers my mother always said. Not too many shoes (they do have good shoe shops on Europe apparently ). We shall see. Really it is whatever gets in the suitcase first, and stands the test of colour and coordination.

Welcome to my blog. My musings and my observations.

Let us see where it takes us

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