Service on service on service

Service on service on service

Thu April 21st 2022

I didn’t know the hotel I was staying at in Madrid. And to be honest I still hadn’t got the layout of Madrid clear in my head. But we drove up the narrow streets to the front of the Urso Hotel &Spa. It’s a one way road and ‘just stop and park here madam’. No stress.

Well getting 6 bags out of the car is always stressful but this was fine. Check in fast and efficient. (Something that many / most hotels have still not mastered. And I don’t know why)

My room was a welcome home for 3 nights. It has everything a good 5 star hotel should have. Plus a fabulous double Juliet balcony overlooking the Palace gardens next door.

What you don’t “see” in this hotel is the constant great service . It just happens. They run on the system of reception and concierge being one. So everyone can help.

A box to ship things to London. Let us find one, and when it is bought to your room, the tape and scissors are there too. The breakfast staff with charming and attentive and knew our tea order after day 1.

It’s these touches that make your stay just that little bit more special. It takes skill and good management to make this happen. Thank you Hotel Urso.

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