Surprise, Delight and Pride

Surprise, Delight and Pride

Wed March 30th 2022

My dear Friends Liz and Derek run a website called Garden Artisan, featuring all things beautiful about NZ gardens.

Liz had featured the gardens, designed by Paul Bangay on their site. www.

As we were in ‘The Bay’. We decided to go an inspect. We were met by the lovely Giselle who showed us around.

Driving down the driveway next door to Te Mata winery I was already giving it a big tick for location: Craggy range, Black barn, Havelock all less than 10 mins away

But that thought left me as we arrived at the house. A beautiful old white 2 storey home - one of the oldest in the area. Although now no longer a single storey modest home. Many additions, and a recent major renovation make it a formidable sight. But one that brings a smile, and a sense of it being in the right place to reflect the surroundings. The house looks over the gardens and out to vineyards beyond.

There are also 2 options for Accommodation.

The Cottage; - 2 bedrooms age, with a gorgeous old schoolhouse room next door for the kids to play in. As well as a tennis court

We followed the vast lavender hedge back to the house and then to the other side with a gorgeous swimming pool and pool house.

The other accommodation option, the old stables, is a studio with mezzanine bedroom.

Below the first wine tasting room in Hawkes bay - now a small intimate whisky bar.

It was very beautifully styled and the whole place had a sense of tranquillity.

This next summer they are looking at also renting out the whole house as a one off hire: wonderful for multi generation occasions.

So as I said surprise and delight. That is clear from the style and feel of the place.

The proud; that we are putting together places like this in NZ. It exemplifies what we should be doing now that the borders are opening.

Quality, sincerity and a unique experience - I take my hat off to them and wish them all the best.

Of course if you would like to experience this. Please let me know and I can book it for you.

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