Thoughts not pictures as I travel alone

Thoughts not pictures as I travel alone

Mon July 11th 2022

Travelling alone is something I have often done. It’s not easy. It takes energy. It takes the I’m OK doing this and it’s worth it. It’s not courage but is a bit of pluck.

I go back to energy.

It means you need to smile and enjoy the moment. For a girl that talks – a lot! - it gives you a moment of silence. Not loneliness, just a quiet time. I think it’s something we should all do – but then I would say that because I have to do it!

And as an escape - It can also lead to you loving your phone whilst sitting at dinner alone.

And when you chat to yourself – that’s OK, don’t we all. When you chat, out loud to yourself … you decide (don’t we all do it – or is it just me)

The joy you get with this ‘time’ is, it means you observe people, places, things.

Light and shadow.

The wine list.

You listen to the chat. The traffic. The birds.

And then sadly maybe you go back to your phone. But hey on this occasion I wrote my thoughts down.

You can get smiles from people. Some saying Hi. Some saying poor girl on her own. (That’s usually when I order another glass of wine).

But you also get to chat to the waiter a little more. You try the language (badly in my case).

You learn to say – you know this is OK to yourself (quietly). If I want a wine I’ll have one. If I don’t – that’s OK too.

It seems sad to say it’s empowering, but the meaning of word includes – permitting and allowing. And that’s what it is. Well done you for sitting at a restaurant on your own. Or in a park with families around you. Or at a famous tour spot and take a selfie (no stick !!!)

Even better that you eat, drink, leave, chat, do whatever you want when you want.

So there are my thoughts – no pictures this time

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