Very Martinez

Very Martinez

Fri May 27th 2022

Arriving into Cannes on a warm spring day, I feel a little Grace Kelly moment. Sadly not the convertible and the scarf. And certainly not the looks and beauty. But still. I’m in the south of France checking into the Martinez Hotel. We drive up in our dirty Peugeot 5008 and park next to the Ferrari. We get out with our wheelie bags only (a one night stop means packing lightly). But with sunglasses on and head held high we check in. I was lucky enough to walk into my premium sea view room, and you just stop. A gasp, a smile … the blue sky and sunshine that streams in, creates a light that just makes the room sparkle. It blinds you in the best possible way. White decor with fabulous blue accents. A bottle of Dom to welcome you. It’s a WOW kind of Moment. And they just keep on happening. We are lucky enough to experience Palme d’or restaurant that night. A 2 Michelin star, the current chef Christian Sinicropi has been at the helm since 2007. This wasn’t a dot of food on a big plate. In fact, every dish was designed by the chefs wife who is an artist. And I have never had food more enhanced by its presentation. The prettiness of the bread. Yes pretty. The whole scallop with roe. The depth of the mushroom flavour. And the lamb. Did I mention the hammer used to break the chocolate into pieces for you?

The wines - oh the wines. Served by a sommelier who was so proud and happy To explain the stories of every glass

It was a very special experience.

So very Martinez. Merci beaucoup.

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