Where is this in NZ?

Where is this in NZ?

Mon March 21st 2022

My best driving day was Christchurch– Hokitika - Greymouth -Westport - Nelson In one day. With sales calls in between.

In the north I am lucky enough to have friends in Hawkes bay and Whanganui and a yacht moored at Opua (not mine!!). So again driving around.

But where is this??

These Beautiful limestone rocks.

An easy turn off. A drive along country roads, along side a lake.

As we drove this old road we would come up behind locals. Oh no. Slow locals. But these chaps all pulled over and let us pass. I felt there may have been a few hobbits living in them Thar hills.

So have you driven this road ? If not you should. And it’s easy

It’s the old Taupo Road.

We turned off at Tokoroa and popped out on the other side of Tirau. Following the long skinny arm of Lake Karapiro. According to google maps it took 3 mins longer. Time vs pleasure - it’s a no brainier. So think of me when you do a lovely easy detour along a great old Country Road (oh damn forgot to play John Denver).

But then be grateful it’s a pleasurable easy detour and not the only Way south!!

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